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Business Headshots – Bidvest McCarthy VW Menlyn

Business Headshots Photographer Pretoria East

We recently shot the Bidvest McCarthy, Volkswagen Menlyn branch with our mobile studio. Business headshots photographer Pretoria. On-location headshots photographers. Check out the new VW vehicles here: VW Menlyn. hey stock everything from the tiny VW Up!, mighty 4Motion Touareg, Amarok bakkies to transporter panel vans. Our adventure spirit loves the new California Beach model due to its 4Motion traction and pop-up roof bed.

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Remember the Volkswagen Microbus?

With the popularity of the Microbus came numerous nicknames from fans over the years. Some of its nicknames in its home country of Germany include Bully, Hippie-Van and Kleinbus. Other nicknames around the world include Rugbrod in Denmark, Vee-Dub in America and and Camping-Car in France. 

Though its origins are unclear, the VW Microbus became an icon of the hippie movement of the late 1960s. Consequently, when the Grateful Dead lead singer Jerry Garcia passed away, Volkswagen released an advertisement in memorial of him.

A Dutch VW importer designed the VW Microbus in 1947. After some much needed changes, VW officially made it in 1950. The VW Microbus is the second vehicle ever created by Volkswagen. The classic Beetle being the first. In the first year of production, Volkswagen made over 9 500 vehicles. The vehicle’s popularity increased exponentially from there.Growing production more and more over the next two decades.

Volkswagen Beetle FActs

There are few vehicles ever built that are more iconic than the Volkswagen Beetle. Over 20 million Volkswagen Beetles were produced for 65 years in over 20 countries.

Did you know:

  • The Beetle was designed in 1925 by an 18-year-old Hungarian Student named Bela Barenyi – as a result, she’s recognized as designing the basic foundations of the Beetle
  • It Got Its Iconic Nickname from The New York Time
  • Beginning in 1938 and ending in 2003, the Beetle was in production for a whopping 65 years, therefore the longest a vehicle has been produced in history

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