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Product Photographer Pretoria Gauteng

Product photographer Pretoria Gauteng. Our photo studio is located in Pretoria East. Professional product studio photography for eCommerce online stores, business profiles, food photography for restaurants, pack shots, industrial product photography, jewellery photography and more.

Quality images sells more products and elevates your services from your competitors.

Unique visual solutions to adhere to our client’s advertising needs. Work contains catalogues images, eCommerce sites, SABS product testing samples, magazine ads, branding, signage, brochures, billboards, social media and menus.

We offer professional product photography at affordable rates. Studio product photography against a white background from R2 500 depending on requirements, sizes, angles and quantity.

Industrial Photographer Pretoria East & Johannesburg Gauteng

Professional high quality industrial product photography at affordable rates in South Africa. Monsoon Photography specialises in commercial photography and has over 15 years professional photography experience. We often work with advertising agencies as well as direct clients from a variety of industrial industries, such as technology, nuclear energy, mining sectors, electrical and telecommunications areas.

Product Photography

If there is one thing that convinces people to click through to a blog, product website or business profile, it’s a great photo! It’s a simple formula: attractive images sells more products. The same product will barely get airtime if photographed badly. Creating a sleek, professional image is what prospective buyers buy into. Ever noticed how people are drawn to mouthwatering food photography, designer-looking products or crafts skillfully displayed – making us more likely to click through for more.

Mobile Product Photography Studio | Johannesburg & Gauteng | South Africa

Our moblile studio enables us to travel for on-location product photography shoots in Johannesburg, Sandton, Lanseria, West Rand, East Rand and across Gauteng. We also travel across South Africa on assignment. We offer half day shoots, full day shoots or per hour options depending on the amount of products and angles per product.

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What makes a great product photo?

1. Light: selecting the best light options to suit the product type and application. Texture, item colour, background colour, size and solidity plays a vital role in choosing the suitable lighting type and set-up. 2. Background. Most online retailers require products to be showcased against a white background for consistency vs food on large billboards that are better suited against a wooden background to create a warm inviting environment. Brand corporate identity also plays a role in how products or food are presented to the public eye. It’s important that a background doesn’t distract from the product. 3. Staging and styling. A well-styled product with a few knick knacks or balanced placement makes a huge difference in how a product looks. 4. Angles. Taking different shots from various angles will not only allow the designer to later select the angle that will best fit with the design layout, but will also allow the buyer to see the product from various angles, giving it a 3D overview. 5. An eye for detail. Professional photographers understands how to highlight important aspects using blurring techniques to create depth in order to make the product look more interesting while producing crisp images.

product photographer pretoria gauteng south africa