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Aerial drone videography rates South Africa.

We offer professional affordable aerial drone videography in South Africa. Drone raw footage rates range from a one-hour rate to half day, to full day, or packages that include several days. Rates are calculated on hours booked, location, flight time, camera requirements (full HD, 4k, etc.), and drone services rendered (excluding traveling costs, editing, sound & other). Contact us for a quote. We also provide voice-over artists, soundscaping, ground photo & video, and more. 

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Drone video productions gives a bird’s eye view enabling us to capture videos and stills of large format projects, agriculture, mining, commercial projects, architectural buildings, and other commercial/industrial projects. Aerial video and stills captures unique angles and creative shots from above to give your marketing material a high-end cinematic look and feel.
We are based in Pretoria East and Johannesburg, but travel across South Africa on assignments. Competitive pricing for highly professional work.

Fully Licensed & Insured Drone Pilots

Our pilots have all the necessary licenses and insurance to cover commercial drone video and stills in South Africa. Read more about drone pilot licenses in South Africa.

Full HD

Variety of professional grade drones available shooting full HD. Full HD is recommended for online & general use as 4K file sizes are large and mos often unnecessary.

4K Video

Professional grade drone available shooting 4K. We recommend using full HD for most shoots due to file sizes but am able to provide 4K videos on request. Note that editing takes longer.

Commercial Aerial Drone Productions South Africa

We produce marketing videos & stills that includes licensed drones, ground video, and ground photography services if needed. Our team of pilots are fully licensed & insured.

Mining Aerial Drone Video & Photography

Commercial mining marketing videos and stills photography.
Mapping and inspections.

Agriculture Aerial Drone Services South Africa

Agriculture crop health/analysis. Agriculture Crop spraying.
Marketing videos & stills.

aerial drone rates south africa

Drones Used

Our pilots are fully licensed and uses professional drones for photography & video production services. We select the drone that best fit the brief, budget & services needed.

Drones include the DJI Inspire 2 with X5s Camera, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Phantom 4 pro with Red Edge Camera, DJI Agras T16 (agriculture drone) & more.

Get a Quote

We are situated in Get in touch for a full quote on our aerial drone photography & videography services. Pretoria East & Johannesburg. Our drone pilots travel across South Africa for projects. 


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