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Food photographer Pretoria East & Johannesburg Gauteng. Food photography for menus, brochures, billboards, in-store signage, online banners, social media, magazine ads, cooking books and marketing material. We do on-location food photography around Gauteng and travel across South Africa on request. Our studio is situated in Pretoria East for studio shoots.

Our Food Photography Style

We believe that the perfect food photo captures the essence of a dish. Our food photography style is clean and modern – highlighting the food in an appetizing way. We also love doing dramatic food photography making use of dramatic colours like blacks and dark grays. It’s important to have a professionally cooked and plated meal for a quality photograph.

Quality food photos relies on (a) plating – how you arrange the food on the plate; (b) lighting – natural light or studio lighting can be used depending on the type of dish and setting; (c) composition – how we frame the shot; (d) editing – touch-ups in post production.

Food Styling

Our stylist is an optional extra for food photography & video shoots. Select from our standard range of backgrounds & props. We can also assist with sourcing custom options to fit the look & feel.


Need assistance with your food photography marketing campaign concepts, strategy, or mood board? We offer marketing campaign concepts & strategies as an optional extra. Our team has been working in the marketing field for more than 18 years.

Food Preperation

Our stylists are able to prepare food & source ingredients if required. We can cook, plate & style ingredients/food items for lifestyle food photography or products.

Food Video Production

Video production of plated food, recipes, ingredients, food preparation & more can be booked as a package with photography, or as a standalone service.

Quality Food Photography

What we look for when doing food shoots:

1. Aesthetic: Photographing food that’s more natural-looking, such as salads or soups can have a more natural looking or “messy” plating style. Food that is very colourful should be plated more orderly to create balance.

2. Surface: Wood can give a more rustic feel for presenting foods like burgers, wraps, sandwiches and finger food. Black slate creates a dramatic look with a modern twist, where as a classic white plates can give colourful foods a vibrant pop. We believe in choosing crockery that aligns with the food’s aesthetic in order to bring out the strengths of the food’s visual appeal.

3. Tools: Professional chefs use tools like spoons, squeeze bottles, tweezers, paint brushes and even baby oil to make food look appetizing.

4. Colour: Adding fresh greenery, fresh herbs or even a napkin or glass of water or wine on the side of the plate can create a feeling of a “home cooked meal” that works well for lifestyle images. Less is always more when it comes to placing the focus on the meal.

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