eCommerce Image Size Guide South Africa 2021

Our clients often ask us what the best image size for eCommerce photography is…but there are numerous answers to this question. 

Professional images are an essential part of any product listing on eCommerce sites in South Africa such as Shopify, Takealot, WooCommerce, Magento & more. High-quality product images help your product stand out and can increase your sales. The perceived value of your products and the trustworthiness of your brand are most often judged on the quality of your visual presentation. High-end photography will showcase your brand beautifully in search results on listing pages, product categories, and product detail pages.

 The information on this page acts as an image size *guides for eCommerce websites in South Africa. 

 *Sizes are correctly listed at the time of publishing this page, but may have changed – please contact your web host for the latest size requirements. We guide our Clients based on the latest specs once they book their eCommerce product photography shoot with us. 

Best Image Size for eCommerce

Below is a general rule of thumb guide for the best image sizes for eCommerce that cover most eCommerce sites.

Simple Product Images: 1000px by 1000px

Products with not much detail. This size allows the viewer to view a basic overview of the product. Small details might be blurry when zooming in and might get lost.

Detailed Product Images: 2000px by 2000px

Products with lots of small details. This size allows the viewer to zoom into the procut in order to view details such as texture or small technical parts visible on the product including labels etc.

Recommended Product Images: 2000px by 2000px

This size will cover the basics of simple products and detail shots. We recommend a size of 1500px by 1500px smallest or 2000px by 2000px largest. Please speak to your web developer/support team to get your platform's size requirements.

eCommerce Image Size Guide South Africa

There are numerous online sites and software solutions for online product sales in South Africa. Below is a basic eCommerce image size guide for Takealot, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, and Wix eCommerce.

Generally a resolution of 72dpi is recommended, sRGB colour mode, and square aspect ratio of 1:1. Max file size of 2MB per image. JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) files on PNG (.png). White solid background.

Takealot Image Size Guide

Takealot allows small businesses to sell their products online with a monthly fee and on a commission basis.

Smallest size 600px (on any side) and 2048px largest (on any side). Aspect ratio: as close to a square aspect ratio as possible.

WooCommerce (WordPress) Image Size Guide

Woocommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

Wix eCommerce is the eCommerce add-on for Wix, a user-friendly SAAS website builder.Smallest size is 800px and 2000px largest. Square 1:1 but able to enter custom aspect ratio. Smaller file size is recommended.

Shopify Image Size Guide

Shopify is a SAAS (Software As A Service) eCommerce platform with monthly plans paid in dollars.

Smallest size is 800px. Recommended size is 2048px by 2048px for square product images.

Magento Image Size Guide

Magento is an advanced open-source eCommerce platform popular with large online retailers.

Smallest size is 1100px and largest is around 3000px for square product images. Magento is able to compress images.

Amazon Image Size Guide

Selected independent companies and vendors can sell on Amazon. They offer various pricing plans.

Smallest size is 500px and largest is 10 000px. Ideal size is 1600px or larger.

Wix Image Size Guide

Wix eCommerce is the eCommerce add-on for Wix, a user-friendly SAAS website builder.

Smallest size is 3000px for square product images. Wix automatically optimizes your images for best online quality and fast download.

eCommerce Product Photographer South Africa

Courier your products from anywhere in South Africa to Monsoon Photography's studio in Pretoria East for high-quality eCommerce images on a white background! Our mobile studio allows us to travel anywhere in SA for on-location product photography. We also offer lifestyle photography to showcase your products on social media, website banners, and other online platforms.