Professional Science & Technology Photographer Pretoria & Johannesburg Gauteng

Science & Technology photographer in Pretoria. Yes, science and technology photography is one of the things we love the most! Our keen interest in the sciences, an eye for detail and inquisitive minds capture vibrant still photos as well as conference videography. Enquire on a combo package or standard photography rates.

Clients includes from CSIR, SAASTA, ASAF, NSTF and Itemba Labs.

Many scientists are in a fortunate position to see the natural wonders of our world! We love exploring biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, energy and all that the world of science & technology has to offer.


Corporate Industrial & Mining Photographer Pretoria & Johannesburg Gauteng

Corporate, industrial and mining photographer in Pretoria, Johannesuburg and Gauteng. Also able to travel across South Africa on assignment photography projects. A professional image leaves a lasting impression. Photography for ads, brochure photos, annual reports, website banners or billboards. We deliver unique, eye-catching industrial and mining photos that assist our clients to stand out from their competitors, inviting investment opportunities in the mining, technology and industrial fields in South Africa.

Interesting Science & Technology Facts About South Africa

Nobel Laureates

1951, Max Theiler, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work on producing a Yellow fever vaccine
1979, Allan McLeod Cormack, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for pioneering work in X-ray computed tomography
2002, Sydney Brenner, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for pioneering work in molecular biology

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